Flue Caps / Dampers

Lyemance Lock-Top Dampers

The Lock Top Damper eliminates updrafts that siphon money out of your wallet in the form of energy cost.

 This system completely stops updrafts and downdrafts as well as rain which can cause multiple issues to the inside of your chimney over time. 

The Lock Top  system is second to none in prevention of pests like squirrels, raccoons, nesting birds and insect penitration. 

Silicone Rubber Gasket

The Lock Top damper seals with a silicone rubber gasket, not a metal on metal seal like most late model dampers do.

 A Lock-Top Damper seals tight, so virtually no heat or cold air conditioning gets siphoned up your chimney.

Lyemance Lock Top Damper #2

Here are some of the advantages of using Lyemance brand dampers:

Proven by being in the industry for over 20 years for the Lyemance damper and over 15 years for the LockTop damper.

Continually tested by an outside lab to ensure functionality and seal tightness.

The best materials chosen for each part/component on the product.

Power-lever on Lyemance damper is proven to open damper in extreme snow/icing conditions.

Backed by a company that has been around for over 25 years Patented product.

Operation Of These Dampers

A thin stainless steel braded cable drops down your flue liner and attaches to a handle, which we mount to the side wall of the firebox by drilling 2# - 1/4" holes into the firebrick, next  fastening the handle bracket with concrete anchor bolts.

 When we install the handle it is positioned in a easy to operate area in the firebox. As to pull the chain in a downward motion the damper closes and Vice versa, as the damper open and closes you will hear a suction sound that ensures you have a tight seal. 

Standard Chimney Flue Cap

These caps are the most adorable cap we offer. Steel mounting clamps for easy, durable installation.

Outside mounting provides greater free air space

Expanded metal mesh turned inward at base allows cover to rest firmly on flue tile, closing any openings to protect against nuisance wildlife

•Made in the USA

•24 Gauge powder-coated galvanized steel hood with scalloped corners and roll-formed edges, 18 gauge 3/4'' 100pct Galvanized steel expanded metal mesh

•Finish: Black

•Material: Steel

•Country of Manufacture: United States

Furnace Flue Cap

 The most common furnace flue cap we use is the AmeriVent, the AmeriVent cap is one of the first engineered vent cap to gain recognition across the country for the caps outstanding performance. Over the years millions of  AmeriVent caps have been  installed on residential home and commercial business furnace flue pipes to protect against wind conditions that can cause exit gases to spill back into the venting systems draft hood. In addition, AmeriVent caps permit termination of vents at the minimum height necessary above the roof line, according to the NFPA 211 .

•For use as a ventilation cap as well as type B vent termination

•Protects against waste gases spilling back into the structure through the appliances draft hood

•The AmeriVent cap is UL-listed, and its patented design of baffles and ports keep rain and debris out of the venting system.