Tuck-pointing Stages

Step One

 5″ Diamond tuck-pointing blade: This is the first step in the tuck-pointing process. This blade is designed to be used on brick joints, the blade is normally a 1/2″ thick to grind the total joint in one pass.

Step Two

High PSI Air Blower: This is the second step in our tuck-pointing process. As you can imagine after cutting through mortar with a diamond blade grinder, it leaves a drastic amount of fluffy textured mortar dust. After this process roughly 70% of the dust debris is removed, theirs still a good amount of dust clinging to the open pours created by the diamond blade. So we move on to our next step in the prepping process

Step Three

Water Treatment: This final step in the prepping process is key, for the fact that neither a brush nor  high PSI air will completely remove all leftover dust molecules from the grinding process. This step is commonly missed with many masons. Our outlook on this is every step matters for proper adhesion. When water pressure is applied it completely clears the surface area of the brick joints, by opening up all the surface pours to ensure proper adhesion. A great analogy of skipping this step is like sticking a piece of tape on a dusty floor before using it.

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Step Four

Grout bag application: After mixing type s mortar to the proper consistency, we start the mortar application by putting mortar into grout bag. After filling the grout bag we slowly fill the voids we created with the diamond blade grinder, being sure to some what over fill voids to ensure after we scribe the joints there will be plenty of mortar between brick joints.

Step Five

Masonry Jointer: Using a tuck-pointing tool you scribe across mortar joints and smooth surface to give the mortar joints the proper seal.

Final Step

Clean and Brush: When all steps are finished and mortar is at the proper moisture content level we make a few passes horizontally as well as vertically with a coarse concrete brush to knock down all small leftover peaces clinging to brick.

Mortar Colors Optional For Tuck Pointing